Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dude... WTF?! So I get a call on Monday from NOVA saying sentencing has been continued... So right off the bat I am PISSED! My mom flew in, people have taken off work, babysitters have been set up and FIRST AND FOREMOST its not just my abusers sentencing it was suppose to the day i got to close the WHY?! Because HE never set up his Pysch Eval. That is so F'ed up. Why this jerk still gets to be in control is beyond me!
They tried to calm me down on the phone saying hey he's still in county jail and he won't be getting out before sentencing. So yeah I mean that is good he can't physically hurt us while he is in, but mentally this crap is beyond draining. And its not just me its my family, friends and work.
They estimate is should be somewhere near the end of June. I guess it gives me more time to work on my VIS so I'm gonna try and look as that as a positive thing. I am truly sorry to everyone who made plans to be there...

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