Thursday, October 21, 2010

He smashed my computer

so it was a year ago today he smashed my computer to bits and threw me to the floor. he took the baby's highchair and held it high in the air like he was going to hit me. I called my mom... i talked to her as he threatened me and called me names and called my family names.... I remember telling my mom, "Mom I would never kill myself if anything happens to me just know I would never kill myself" Earlier that week i walked into him watching a popular court tv show that shows of a abusive husband that killed his wife and made it look like a suicide. I don't remember why the fight died down but it did. he went out or went to bed.... and i cleaned up the pieces. Everyone of my child's baby pictures was in that computer. That computer eventually was evidence for the State Police. When I got back nearly a year later and took it to a local Best Buy to try and retrieve the hard drive. The tech said he has NEVER seen damage that bad done to a laptop and he had just received a laptop run over by a truck earlier that day. Needless to say the hard drive was no able to be recovered.
This was the eve of our baby's 1st birthday..... he promised again that it woudn't happen ... ya know at that point and time i think i was finally starting to get it... it wasn't gonna stop until i died.