Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day....2:05am

Mother's Day... a very special day for a mom. Like my mama told me everyone has a birthday but this is a special day for special moms. Last years mother days was unforgettable. My daughter had her first ride on the carousel. She was six months old dressed in adorable dress and I held her waist as the music and rides picked up speed. She giggled with delight I giggled right along with her. It was my first carousel ride as a mommy. My smile couldn't have been bigger. My abuser took us to Olive Garden for dinner. It was a really nice dinner at my favorite restaurant. There he gave me a very special present a locket in the shape of a heart with a mother embracing a daughter in it my daughters pictures. We didn't have much so that locket meant the world to me. he gave me a card that said what a great mother I was and how I would be his wife. It was day of heaven for me BUT Later that night after the baby was in bed I must have said or did something wrong because my abuser had his hands around my neck and then ripped the locket from my throat. He threw it and as I went to pick up the pieces and pictures in the locket the blow came from his fist to the back of my head. I sat on the kitchen floor crying, the physical pain wasn't severe but I remember clutching the piece of my broken locket in one hand and trying to hold together the piece of my broken heart.

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