Monday, August 30, 2010

My Daughter

My daughter. She's just this ball of energy and love in its purest form. So gentle and caring and loving. Even through the terrible (almost) 2's. She learning who she is. And when she explores her world through a smack or a bite and she's realized I hurt mommy/M/ Auntie/etc. her bottom lip quivers and she rubs the boo boo and kisses it better. Later she'll come and bite or smack again and I continue to tell her No Little One, that's not nice We don't hit/bite/throw. We are gentle and take her little hands in mine and rub them gently across my/m/auntie/etc. face. And little by little its happening farther and farther apart. Trying to teach a children right from wrong is not an easy job but consistency pays off. My most important lesson to my child... Use your words/your signs but never your fist. No matter how frustrating it is when you can't get your part across you NEVER use violence to attention or your point across.. always use your words/signs and mommy will do her best to figure out what you can't say or sign.

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