Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 day until S day

Its right around the corner. The VIS is done. I do plan to share it once this is all over. I am nervous and anxious. I am afraid but READY for this to be over.
People always comment on how my daughter looks just like me. "It's uncanny" that's the most used expression. With the exception of her beautiful blonde curls and this one facial expression. Of course the only facial expression she got from him was the one i pray she didn't. She's going through the terrible "almost" twos right now. So she's a big fan of hitting. When she hit me in the face the other day and looked at me with his face. It took me aback. Imagine a grown woman being afraid of a 21 month old. After a couple seconds of shock. I took her hands in mine. I said "Honey it's ok to be angry but it is never ok to hit" I put her hands on my face and said "Gentle Baby Gentle"
Gentle Baby Gentle.... I wish that worked with my abuser... sigh

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  1. Hi... I am Danielle from WTE. I'm on April 09 board & HT & just read your post. Congrats btw. I saw the link to this blog & I am following you now. I just wanted to say I admire you. You are a very strong woman & a wonderful mother. This blog is a great thing too. Hopefully it will reach many!

    Have a great day!