Wednesday, August 25, 2010

After... sigh

I thought that after the sentencing i would feel this great relief. Boy was I dreaming. If anything things have seemed to have gotten worse. The first few days it was like this intense mourning. The boy I loved, turned into the man I feared BUT he was my daughters father. And now its become quite clear. My daughter will never have a father. No her biological father at least. I guess I prayed that while he was away he would realize he was wrong and that Teagan deserved better. I prayed that while he was in he would do some soul searching and make some real changes. Now he has 7-17 years to either make a change or sit and stew. His family wants to make every excuse in the book. Are you freaking serious. It makes me feel hateful... WHY DIDN'T YOU GET HIM OUT! You let your children be abused and you let your children become abusers. And now you hate me because I wanted better for my children. FUCK YOU! How could you stand up there and make it sound like I kept your grand daughter from you. LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!!!!!!!! I asked you people a million times to see her and you refused because you were too angry at me... Now ... Now... sigh.... I don't even know. My daughter. MY DAUGHTER.... My life... My world.... MY DAUGHTER. You couldn't WOULDN'T even protect your own. why would i ever expect you would put your grand daughters well being first... God Help me... BUT I HATE YOU and I HATE the monsters you've created. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to prevent my daughter from being your family's next Victim. She's MY daughter. Raised with Love. Raised with respect and even at her young age raised to know there are consequences for every action.

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