Thursday, February 4, 2010

The opening Post

This blog is about my journey as a domestic abuse victim survivor. Not all post will be pretty but this is me exposed and raw. This will be the place I can say anything. I am creating this blog for a few reason. . I want NEED to have a place to get out my true feelings, the stuff that is just too harmful to keep inside anymore. My hope is just one person will see this and make the choice to leave a violent relationship. Love should never hurt and if it does IT'S NOT LOVE! The process is far from easy but so far has been completely worth it.
The facts are I am Amanda, I am a 26 year old domestic/sexual abuse survivor. I have a 15 month old daughter who just turn 1 year old when I fled from the relationship. The facts are I am Mommy first and foremost and not ready to be her Angel!


  1. I love this Amanda, you made me tear up. I'm so glad that you got out of there and are in a good place in your life now. Also that Teagan didn't lose her momma. Teagan and you deserve the best. Lots of love to the both of you.

  2. I'm a follower now!! What a great name! I can see this one taking off big! I am so encouraged by your strength for yourself, and Teagan. I'm honored to know you wonderful ladies and have your encouragement in the times that are tough for me. I wish I could do more. Love you guys!!

  3. I love you with all my heart and I am here for you both. <3