Saturday, June 12, 2010

caught in the mirror

. I looked at my face and saw the scars above my eye. I had to laugh at first. The little scar that I got when I was a child fighting with my sister. That scar always brings a little giggle as I remember that fight. I squirted her with 409 cleaner so she hurled a small statue of Mary and baby Jesus at me... I was so afraid of getting blood on the carpets and on towels that I held my head over the sink until my dad came up to see what was going on. I remember saying don't yell at Danielle it was my fault... and it really was. I was such a instigator to my little sister. On the way to the hospital I said, "Mom, my head hurts" and she says, " well yeah that's to be expected" haha.
My smile faded quickly when I seen the long thin scar over my eyebrow. I remember. He was mad... really mad, and like some kind of animal he bit my forehead and when I started yelling he headbutted me so hard. I remember it hurt but I was more focused on the warmth I felt streaming down my face, it started to get into my eyes. I ran to the mirror, I looked like something out of a bad slasher movie. I remember. I haven't seen that much blood since my sister threw the statue at me. haha. The gash was pretty bad so a trip to the ER it was. They said they wanted to try to glue it back together. Why did I find this hysterical, I don't know. But i did! I walked out of the hospital with a black eye and glued head striped with steri strips... for some reason this got me laughing in the mirror again.

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